The internet is home to all sorts of things. A lot of the time, you will want to download pictures, videos, and documents. As Google Chrome is the most popular internet browser, it is important that you get a hang of it. When you use Google Chrome on Chrome OS, Linux, Mac, or Windows, you should know how to view the list of files that you have downloaded and be able to clear the download history. To help you out, we have prepared the ultimate post.

View Google Chrome Download History

In order to view your Google Chrome download history, you have to open the browser. Then, you must click on the three dots (the main menu) at the far right to open downloads. Once the “download” tab appears, you will come across the download history as a list. In case you are downloading something, it should also appear here.

The list may change depending on whether you are downloading something or not. If you have deleted a file after you had downloaded it, you would come across “Deleted” next to it. On the other hand, if the download had been interrupted, you can simply click “Resume” to resume the download.

To open a file, you just have to click on the link. For opening the location of the file, you must click on “Show in Folder” if you are using Windows, Chrome OS, or Linux. Similarly, Mac users should click on “Show in Folder” in Finder. Once you have gone over the Downloads list, you can close the tab. You will need to manually clear the list. Otherwise, Chrome would store a record of the “downloads”.

How Can You Clear Download History In Google Chrome?

When it comes to removing the download history in Chrome, you have to make sure that the “Downloads” tab is open. You will have to click on the three dots and select “Downloads” to open the Downloads list. All you have to do is click the “X” button at the top right to remove individual downloads. However, it would not remove files that have been saved on your computer.

In order to get rid of the complete download history in Chrome, you must click the three dots which appear next to the “Downloads” toolbar. A small menu should pop up when you click on it. Now, you will have to click on “Clear All”. That should do the trick. Google Chrome would make sure that the “Downloads” list is erased. Now, you must keep in mind that the downloaded files would still remain on your device unless you delete them.

It is worth keeping in mind that opting for Incognito mode would not erase the “Downloads” list. This means that you would have to erase your download history to ensure privacy.


After you have gone over the post, you will know how to view and clear your download history in Google Chrome. Happy downloading!