One of the most important things that you need to know how to do is delete Google search bar history. When you type something in the address bar, suggestions will be made by the browser based on the searches you have made in the past. However, it is quite common to not want suggestions to be made to maintain privacy. The good news is that we have created the ultimate post that will help provide you all the information you need about deleting Google search bar history.

Delete Google Search Bar History on Google Chrome

Removing past searches is super easy on both mobile and desktop versions of Google Chrome.

Select Clear History

Desktop users can open Google Launch and type the desired keyword in the address bar and browse through the suggestions and click “X” to get rid of the search history. It should do the trick. Otherwise, you can also hit Shift and Delete on your keyboard to highlight the suggestions that you want to get rid of.

Delete History on Your Mobile

Open Google Chrome on your smartphone to clear your Google search bar history. Then, you must tap on the address bar to type the desired keywords. It should load the suggestions that you can tap through to remove. You will be asked to select “Ok” to proceed with deleting the suggestions. It should do the trick. All the suggestions would be gone now.

How to Delete Google Search Bar History in Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox also uses Google for all its searches. You should be able to delete each search bar entry on the desktop version. On the other hand, Mozilla Firefox only lets you delete the entire browsing history on its mobile version. For clearing individual entries in Mozilla Firefox for the desktop version, you will have to open the browser. Next, you have to open the address bar and type away. Make sure to mention the right keywords so that the suggestions can pop up and you can delete them. You also have the option to use the keyboard to delete entries by pressing Shift and Delete.

How to Delete Google Search Bar History in Microsoft Edge?

When you use Microsoft Edge, you get to delete search bar suggestion entries on both mobile and desktop versions as mentioned below.

Delete History on Mobile

In order to remove the search suggestions on Microsoft Edge for your smartphone, you will have to open the application. Then, you have to tap the address bar to type the desired query so that you can start removing the suggestions that pop up. That is about it.

Delete History on Desktop

Open Microsoft Edge on desktop and type the query in the address bar. The suggestions will appear which you will need to select and remove. You can use the up and down arrow keys to remove them as well. To delete the suggestions, you will have to press Shift and Delete.