Browser extensions are everywhere. They are all people talk about. As browsers have become more advanced, they can do a lot more than just serve as an internet navigator. One of the critical elements of modern-day browsers is extensions. It is impossible to think of a life without browser extensions as they make our lives a whole lot easier. You can rely on extensions to gain better control of your online experience. If you are curious about browser extensions, you have come to the right place.

Browser Extensions’ History

Introduced back in 1999, browser extensions emerged when Microsoft launched the fourth version of Internet Explorer. But, it was only later that their full potential was unveiled. Explorer Bars was the first extension to be offered by Internet Explorer. These specialized toolbars were added to the browser. Then, in 2004. Mozilla Firefox provided support extensions after which Opera introduced its own extensions in 2009. Safari and Google Chrome also entered the game in 2010. Developers could design extensions and easily distribute them.

What Can You Do With Extensions?

When it comes to what you can do with a browser extension, it all comes down to the browser you use. Extensions initially had greater access to browsers. However, the capabilities of extensions changes as security tightened up. Similar to how people assume that there is an app for everything, the same goes for browser extensions. You can expect to find an extension for just about everything. Some examples include grammar-checks, notifications, note-taking, and how tabs work.

Generally, there are two types of extensions. They either extend the functionalities of the browser or integrate with a service for providing a better online experience. The former includes dark mode, split-screen tabs, aesthetic customizations, volume controls, and video players. On the other hand, the latter option offers notifications checkers, coupons, toolbars, web clippers, and more. You need to check out the extension store to learn more about what type of extensions are available.

Is It Safe To Use Extensions?

An important question that you need to consider is whether extensions are even safe to use or not. The fact is that there are privacy and security concerns that you have to take into account. This is why you are required to provide permission for installing them. It is also worth keeping in mind that the extensions would run in the browser at all times. They will run when you enter credit card details, transfer money, and check social media. It is possible to download a malicious extension that logs in all your details and steals personal information. There are endless possibilities for what an extension can do.

However, you need to understand that many browser extensions are safe as the companies that have launched them are responsible for promoting security. But, there have been instances where people suffered at the hands of extensions.


Now that you know everything there is to know about browser extensions, you need to be careful about which extension you download. As long as you stick to a reliable option, you should have nothing to worry about.