Are you tired of having to refresh a tab while waiting for a video stream or online sale to begin or end? You need to use Tab Reloader to save time and effort. It automatically refreshes tabs for you. Although you can set a reminder on YouTube when you log in for viewing videos, most sites do not offer such an option. Besides, it is highly unlikely for a shopping site to provide a feature like this. Therefore, it is best that you give Tab Reloader a try.

What Is Tab Reloader And How Can You Use It?

Tab Reloader is a tool that you can use to refresh the webpage. With a perfect name, it gets the job done and ensures that you never have to waste time endlessly trying to refresh pages. All you need to do is install it and you would be able to access the icon from the toolbar. You can click on it to view pop-ups. It provides specific settings that you can use to make your life a whole lot easier. Simply set the time interval to reload a tab. There are two ways to set a time interval with Tab Reloader as mentioned below.

1. Toolbar Icon

One of the ways through which you can refresh tabs automatically is by using the toolbar icon. It requires you to set the time for tabs to reload. The time can be anywhere from 10 seconds to a few days. A great thing about the tool is that you will not come across any limits for how many tabs you want to reload. You just have to select Enable Reloader for the specific tab to start the timer. As soon as the time is up, the tab would reload automatically.

The active tab would reload by default. You will need to disable it if needed. At the bottom of the tab, there will be a pop-up which will let you know how many times the page has been reloaded. There is even an option for using cache to reload if you do not want the latest webpage to load. You can also run a customized code to make changes. The Tab Reloader icon has a badge which lets you know how many tabs are being refreshed automatically. You can click on it to stop reloading or reload all the tabs.

2. Tab Bar Menu (For Mozilla Firefox Users Only)

The next method is only available for Mozilla Firefox users. It is even easier than the above method. You will be glad to know that the method does not require you to switch tabs. You just need to click on the tab for viewing the menu and can use it to set the refresh interval. Moreover, you can set the reload time to 10 seconds or an hour. You can even take advantage of shortcuts to manually reload the tabs.



With Tab Reloader, you get to set intervals for refreshing tabs. It is as good as it gets. As it is super easy to use, you should have no trouble making the most of it.