When you browse through sessions, things can get cluttered rather quickly. It makes it difficult for you to find what you had been searching for. One of the best extensions that you can use to look for tabs is Search All Tabs. It will help you save a great deal of time and effort. If you want to easily find a tab, our guide to Search All Tabs has got you covered.

What Is the Search All Tabs Extension?

Search All Tabs is a popular extension that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users can download to instantly search for tabs. It allows you to instantly find whichever tab you are looking for. Once you have installed it, you can select the toolbar which will open up a compact panel that you can use for getting things done. You will need to select the Permit button to trigger the permission manager to ensure that the extension has access to browser tabs and is ready for use.

How Does The Extension Work?

JavaScript code has been used to power the tool. It stores data locally and uses the information for display results. For a better explanation, you can always check out its website. You can mention the webpage title or name or even anything relevant in the search box and the extension would search for the right tabs by matching the keywords in real-time. There is even a status bar which indicates how long it would take for the search to be completed and how many tabs would be displayed.

As for the tabs that are not loaded, they would not be indexed (active tabs are only considered). The results would appear below the status bar and display the preview of the URL. When it comes to interacting with the search results, you have a number of options. You can click on an item for switching to a corresponding tab. However, it would not reload a tab if it has been opened already.

The keyboard shortcut supports the add-on. This means that you can press Enter for switching to the first tab. You can use Ctrl and # for opening a specific tab. Similarly, you can use Ctrl + the number of the tab to open the specific tab.

To search all of the tabs, you need to press Shift and Enter. It will move all of the tabs to a new window for you to view. You can press Ctrl and D to save the tabs. It would send the website address of each tab to your clipboard. Even if you have many results, you should be able to match the search term using a variety of methods. It is a good idea to use the right keyword to narrow down the options.



Now that you know how to find the tabs that you are looking for, you can start using Search All Tabs to benefit from the ultimate convenience.