Reading online is not an easy task. With countless ads at every corner, it can get your reading done. This is why it makes sense to take advantage of distraction-free mode.

A great extension that you can use for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is Reader View. It allows you to read as much as you want without getting distracted. You can rely on the extension to ditch ads and a cluttered sidebar for a much better experience.

What Is Reader View?

Reader View is the ultimate extension that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users will come to love. It offers plenty of customization options. Unlike Google Chrome that refers to the extension as Reader View, it is known as Readability Based Reader View on Firefox. For convenience, we would be sticking to Reader View.

To put the feature to good use, you just need to open a webpage and select the Reader View extension. It should be located on the address bar. Otherwise, you can check out the page menu to access it. When you enable it, you would be able to read text without any ads. You would only get to see those images which are part of the article.

If you are looking to read up a specific paragraph or line, you can simply click on it to view the content. It should load the content in reader mode. To head back to the menu, you just have to click the X button. You can use the AA button for changing the font type, size, width, and more.

Another option that you can use is for printing the content using Reader View. You also have the option to email the page as well which would take you to the Mail page. The fourth option allows you to save the page in an HTML format while ensuring that the reading mode style is preserved. For an even more immersive experience, you can press F9 to view in full screen mode.

Press Ctrl, Shift, and D for accessing the design mode. It will lead to a formatting toolbar popping up. You can drag it to view any part of the screen. It lets you select text and format it for images, hyperlinks, numbered lists, bulleted lists, italics, bold, heading, and paragraphs.

There is also a text to speech mode which reads aloud the text you have select. You can even control its speed, pitch, and volume. As for the image button, it lets you zoom in on the images. To change the keyboard shortcuts, you just need to use the add-on options. You should be able to toggle the items on the panel and add new ones if you want.



Now that you know everything there is to know about Reader View, all you have to do is download it and put it to use. It will provide complete control over the text you read.