One of the best extensions out there for Google Chrome users is the Download All Images extension. It allows you to download a multitude of images at the same time from a webpage. Although you can click on each image and save it, there are many webpages that do not allow you to save an image. Now, you might not have the patience to screenshot each image. Hence, you will have no option but to use the Download All Images extension.

What Is Download All Images And How Can You Use It?

Download All Images is an extremely useful bulk image downloader extension that you ca use for downloading multiple images from a webpage. Once you have installed the add-on, it will be displayed in the toolbar. When you click on the button, it would display a screen for activating the webpage and downloading images.

The moment you activate the extension, it would immediately scan the page and start the download. It would also show how many images have been found on the webpage. You can easily browse through the options to filter images to ensure that only the desired images are downloaded. The following are some of the options that you can take advantage of.

  • Filter images by name by using regular expressions.
  • Skip matching images by blacklisting similar images.
  • Change the zip file name along with other parameters.
  • Switch to specific file formats such as PNP or JPG instead of all image formats.
  • Set a maximum or minimum file size and determine whether to save files that have an unknown size.
  • Set a maximum or minimum width or height and determine what should happen to images that do not have an extension.

With Download All Images, you get to save images on a webpage in a zip file. The best thing about the extension is that it is super quick. Webpages that had up to 160 images can be instantly saved. You can select the images you want to download.

When you use the add-on, it also saves the image links so that you can access them if needed. You can keep everything organized by using the directory and zip file name. Moreover, the extension even has a gallery mode that lets you view images. You can utilize checkboxes for selecting and deselecting images that you want to download. In fact, it is even possible to rename all the images while using Gallery mode to make necessary changes in record time.



Download All Images is an incredible extension that Google Chrome users will come to love. It allows you to download pictures in bulk so that you can save time and effort. With just two clicks, you can instantly download images. It does not get better than this. You even get to use customization options for greater control. It is about time that you put the extension to good use. You can bookmark our post in case you want to refresh your knowledge about it.