Do you want to easily free up memory on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? Auto Tab Discard has got you covered. It is a powerful extension that allows you to free up the memory of your web browser by getting rid of inactive tabs. What it does is that it unloads tab while still keeping them open in your browser.

If you are someone who tends to keep lots of tabs open at the same time, you will come to know that it slows things down. Although both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox unload tabs in a low memory situation, they are still as effective at getting the job done. This is why you need to use an extension instead. Despite the abundance of extensions, Auto Tab Discard stands out for being the best option out there.

What Is Auto Tab Discard?

Auto Tab Discard is an amazing extension that unloads tabs after they have not been used for 600 seconds. It runs in the background to speed up your browser. It typically loads when the number of tabs has exceeded 6. If certain criteria is met such as if form changes are not submitted or media is playing, the tabs are not removed.

Users have the option to enable additional conditions for discarding such as when the device is idle, when desktop notifications are allowed, when there is a lack of an internet connection, and when a tab has been pinned. A great thing about the add-on is the fact that it offers a host of customization capabilities. You should be able to change the interval and the number of tabs that need to be inactive for discarding to occur. There is a lot that you can expect to do.

Websites which match the criteria would not be discarded. It is worth mentioning that sites that have been whitelisted would not be unloaded whatsoever. Moreover, you have nothing to worry about as the discarded tabs would be retained by the browser and remain discarded unless you use them. In fact, the extension would even maintain information such as the text entered in the text field and the scroll position.

A useful feature that you can use is automatic discarding. Otherwise, you can run it manually. You can view the options by clicking on the extension to discard the tab you are using and view other tabs that are either active or inactive. The menu also lets you whitelist the tabs that are running so that you do not have to worry about them getting discarded. Keep in mind that the extension would not be able to run on an internal page. It is possible for Mozilla Firefox users to disable these restrictions by manipulating the preference.



With Auto Tab Discard, you can automatically free up memory to speed up your online browsing experience. It is possibly the best extension out there when it comes to discarding tabs. Hence, it is definitely worth checking out.