If you find yourself zooming webpages regularly, chances are that you need to increase the font size of your internet browser. The good news is that just about every web browser enables users to change appearance including font and theme characteristics.

Even though you can use the regular zoom function which simply requires you to hold Ctrl and move the mouse up or down, you will notice that increasing font size makes everything a whole lot easier. This post shares the steps you need to follow to increase the font size of your web browser.

Microsoft Edge

Changing the font size on Microsoft Edge is rather straightforward. Here’s how you can make the desired changes.

  • Select the Menu icon when you open the Edge browser.
  • Head over to the Settings from the menu.
  • Open Appearance from the left pane.
  • Scroll all the way down to locate the Fonts section.
  • Click Font Size from the drop-down menu and choose either Large or Very Large for increasing the size of the text.
  • Click the Customizable font icon for further customization.


Firefox allows you to change the font type to ensure that you have an easy time reading content. It even lets you modify the font type for different languages. You can make the changes by doing the following.

  • Open Firefox and click the hamburger icon (Menu).
  • Choose Settings and scroll to Language and Appearance in the General tab.
  • Change the Default font from Fonts and Colors.
  • Click Color to change the background, text, and link colors.
  • You will need to click Advanced to change the font for a language other than English.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome users have an easy time changing the font and text size of the text. All they have to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Select the three vertical dots (More).
  • Next, click Settings.
  • Open Appearance and choose Font size from the drop-down options. Although Medium is the default setting, you can change it to Large / Very Large to suit your requirements.
  • For changing the font type, you have to click Customizable fonts.
  • The changes would immediately take effect.

Opera Browser

One of the reasons why the Opera browser is incredibly popular is because it offers countless appearance customization options to help users change the font size and type. Here’s how you can change the font size on the browser.

  • Open Opera and click on Easy Setup. It should be on the right.
  • Choose Full Browser Settings from the menu.
  • Scroll to the Appearance section from the setting tab.
  • Click on Font size from the drop-down and choose either Large or Very Large.
  • For further changes to font properties, you must select Customize Fonts.


Now that you know how to increase the font size, you will have an easier time reading text on different browsers. With the right font size, you get to have the best reading experience. In fact, you will be able to read more than usual.