Not many people take complete advantage of password managers. It is common sense to use a good password manager. However, you can do a lot more with the password manager than just storing your passwords. The fact is that it comes with some amazing features that are just waiting to be used. These features are security-centric and outright convenient. Not only do they help you stay safe online, but they also allow you to get a lot done.

Everyone has an idea about the primary purpose of a password manager which is storing login credentials. However, you can use the tool for many other cool things such as storing important files and alerting you in case of a security breach. Obviously, every password manager is different. It provides different features depending on which one you use. This post takes a close look at the top features offered by a password manager that you might have never even thought of.

Enter Login Details for You

One of the things that a password manager can do for you besides storing your passwords is entering your login details. If you find it tiring having to enter your login details every time, you can count on the password manager to handle things for you. Some of the password managers can even fill additional fields for you such as basic credit card information and contact information. The feature is offered for both desktop and mobile use.

Generate New Secure Passwords

Do you want to generate new secure passwords? Then, you can rely on the password manager to do that for you. Let the tool generate passwords for you on the spot with minimal effort. It is one of the best things about it. Every great password manager would allow you to easily create a secure password in no time. It is a great feature as you would no longer need to think of a unique password. The password manager should also enter your new password in the login information and update everything.

Store Other Information

In addition to storing passwords, the password manager can also store other information. It should be able to store things such as credit card numbers or contact information. The information can even be auto-filled when needed. There are certain managers that store things like software licenses, driver’s license details, membership information, server information, social security numbers, bank account numbers, and more. The sky is the limit when it comes to what they can store.

Store Important Photos and Documents

Password managers can store just about everything including important photos and documents. You can use one for secure file storage. It does not mean that you should stop using regular cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. You should use a password manager to store digitized copies of crucial documents like passports, letters, titles, and will. It will help keep things stored in a secure encrypted format.

Offer a Secure Place for Storing Notes

Many password managers even allow you to safely store notes. You can rely on one to keep important details and thoughts away from prying eyes. Although you can use the standard note-taking app, a password manager would take things one step further. It would ensure that all types of text are kept safe. It includes directions to your valuables or to a specific site. You should be able to share notes, assign a tag or label for easy searching, and more. You can even import or export files with it.

Audit Passwords for Ensuring They Are Strong

Not every password you have created is worth using. You can use a password manager to audit your passwords to make sure they are strong enough to use. A good password manager will scan and assess your passwords to see just how strong they are. If you are using duplicates or an old password, it will recommend you a new one. It barely takes any time for security scans to be performed. The tool would even suggest some great passwords if your current ones prove to be weak. It would suggest tips to improve overall password security.

Help You Share Files

Now, you might be interested in sharing some of your login information or notes with someone else. A good password manager will offer built-in options that let you share anything you want with another user on the same plan or even someone who does not use the manager. It should provide access in case of an emergency. It would grant a one-time easement into the desired account for a short period.

Offer Secure Web Browsing

Safe web browsing is extremely important, especially when using public wifi. Some managers provide the option to securely browse the website through their very own VPN or inbuilt browser. Both options are great when using public wifi or for secure browsing and keeping your online identity anonymous.

Protect Your Account with Two-Factor Authentication

Most password managers today even provide two-factor authentication capabilities. They help ensure that your online accounts are secure such as by using your fingerprint or face to unlock the phone or a six-digit code for accessing your account. It would be in addition to entering your account password. Two-factor authentication has been essential for keeping your account safe from hackers. Hence, you need a password manager to up your security game.

Monitor Password Breaches

Finally, password managers can even monitor password breaches. They scan the web to find out if your account has experienced a security breach. If there has been a breach, the password manager would promptly alert you so that you can take the next step. It should also protect you from phishing attempts.


Once you have gone over the post, you will come to appreciate password managers. There is a lot that a good password manager has to offer. Hence, it makes sense to take advantage of all its capabilities. You would be surprised to know just how useful it is.