Does having to constantly deal with all the repetitive tasks that seem to pop up by the second, each time you work online make you angry and frustrated?

You are not alone. We all dislike these horribly lengthy and unavoidable registration forms and autofills that seem to tarnish our personal as well as professional use of the internet, and feel annoyed as soon as we asked to fill one form ten times!

The truth is, no one wants to spend their time filling up lengthy and monotonous forms each and every time they enter a new website that requires signup information. Indeed, it is a horrible waste of time when one is working, and even if one is using the internet for entertainment, filling up the same signup form ten times doesn’t exactly qualify as fun, now does it?

However, if your bowser is Firefox, you have an easy and simple solution to get rid of all these annoyingly repetitive and frustratingly monotonous forms!

Autofill Forms is the best solution!

Autofill Forms is one of the most progressive and facilitating add-on for Firefox, that allow you to fill all the number and types of fields once, without having to repeat the process for each and every form that comes your way while surfing the internet. All it takes is a few simple clicks and keyboard shortcuts, and you can fill all these lengthy forms in a matter of seconds!

However, it is important to note that the Autofill Forms add-on works best with the latest and most stable edition of Firefox, preferably Firefox 44. Note that at the moment of writing this review article, Autofill Forms add-on is still not compatible with Firefox Nightly (if e10s is enabled).

This beneficially facilitating add-on comes with a host of amazing features, which include:

  • Allows you to fill out lengthy web forms with a simple click of the mouse or a keyboard shortcut.
  • The context menu allows you to fill in varying input fields automatically.
  • The customizable ruleset makes it easy to decide the input for all types of webforms.
  • The simple rule editors makes it easy to determine various rules.
  • Allows the use of JavaScript regular expression to personalise the ruleset to best suit your needs.
  • Allows you to work with input fields, selections, text areas, checkboxes, radio buttons and much more.
  • A profile allows you to change the rules whenever needed.
  • Automatic selection of the most suitable profile that best suits the requirements of the site you are visiting.
  • Allows you to create a global profile.
  • You can import and export your file with a few simple clicks.
  • You can even outline changes and substitutes within the profile.
  • The context menu defining form rules makes it easier to add new rules or fill up forms as profiles.
  • You can use the add-on with a toolbar button, a keyboard shortcut, the context menu or even with a statusbar icon.
  • It provides alterable and personalised keyboard shortcuts.
  • It does not waste the energy of your system as it gets activated only when a form needs to filled.

How to set up the default profile?

Once you have installed the add-on, you can access it from various places, you can find it in the context men, or even in the add-on bar.

Also, you will find an icon next to your address bar that features a pencil, right next to it you will find an arrow pointed downwards. Scroll your mouse and click on that arrow, click on ‘Setting’, and here, you will be able to create your default global profile.

This profile will serve the purpose of the general and basic forms that you are going to come across online. It may not be flawless, but it can really help you at least fill out most of the fields on the form.
It’s quite simple, click the field that you want filled or changed, and it will be done. Also, since the field rules are general and there are no site rules, you should not encounter a problem filling up any sort of form on any given website.

Once you have filled out all the fields with the required values, you simply have to click the pencil icon and fill a form on any webpage. If that particular form matches all the rules on your default profile, it will be filled within seconds!

You can also fill up a form by simply right-clicking on the webpage, and using autofill Forms from the context menu.

How to set up a custom profile?

A default profile will be a great help, but you may also want to make sure that your autofill Forms works reliably and does not give you any trouble over minor details and creating a specific global profile. For this purpose, you may want a customizable profile.

When you are surfing through a forum, you will be requested, cajoled and literally forced to repetitively fill out information forms over and over again. This is precisely where a custom profile will come to your aid when dealing with various forum software types, such as phpBB, IPB, vBulletin, and many more.

It’s not as confusing as it may seem, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the forum’s registration page.
  • Fill out the relevant forms like a manual account registration process.
  • Once you are done, right-click, and select Context menu and click on Add complete form as profile…
  • As soon as you do that, your new profile will appear on the screen.
  • Now, you have to remove the regex expression from Site Rule.
  • It is also best if you change the name of your profile.
  • Almost done, and now, you are ready to automate the forum’s registration process. If you wish to set the selected profile as active, you will have to select it through the downwards pointing arrow next to + the pencil icon.

Was it really that difficult?

Now you can sit back and enjoy browsing the internet without countless endlessly annoying registration forms popping up and wasting your time or putting you off schedule.