No longer are the days of clicking away from a website just because it’s in a language you don’t know. The need for an accurate translation addon that can be used instantly in a browser is something people have wanted for years. Google™ Translator is the translator addon to have for any browser. From offering 42 different languages to being able to right-click for instant translation, our guide will outline how to use Google™ Translator.

How does it work

Basically there are two ways to take advantage of Google™ Translator extension. The primary one is to use the toolbar panel interface. This UI offers instant translation of words and phrases as well as similar word suggestion, typo corrections and a lot more. However, sometimes while you are browsing website, it is preferred to have a bubble-like translation right inside the webpage. Google™ Translator offers bubble translation as well. By default if you select a word or phrase within a web-page, Google™ Translator bubble shows up for a few seconds. Clicking on the bubble, opens a minified version of the panel interface. Within this panel you have access to the translation of the selected phrase. Even you can add the phrase to Google word collection, known as Google Translation Bookmarks. The panel is equipped with some other shortcuts as well. For instance you can open extensions option page or go directly to Google Translate webpage.

What are the supported browsers

Google™ Translator extension has a wide browser support range! No matter if you are a Firefox fan, or prefer Safari browser, you can always use the very same Google™ Translator extension. Here are the links to all the supported browsers:

How to Add / Install Google Translate to Mozilla Firefox

  1. Go to
  2. Search for the add-on named “Google™ Translator For Firefox” by Andy Portmen.
  3. When you will get the search results, simply click on that add-on.
  4. Now you will see a green button saying “Add to Firefox”. Click on this button.
  5. When you will click on this button then a pop up window will appear. Simply click on Install now to move this process ahead.
  6. After following the above step, a notification will appear at the upper left corner of the screen.
  7. After all this, now you have completely added the Google™ Translator in your Firefox browser.

How can I contribute to Google™ Translator extension development

Like many other extensions, Google™ Translator is maintained in GitHub. You can simpley open a new bug report request from, or submit your patches directly to

Closing words

Google™ Translator is a multi-browser language translator which will translate all supported languages (around 42 languages at the moment) to your native language easily. There are some other tips regarding the extension usage on the official extension’s welcome page,