Volume Booster Enhance the player's volume with a single click, doubling the sound output
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The "Volume Booster" extension is designed to amplify the player's volume beyond the permitted 100% limit. This extension proves particularly useful when the maximum level fails to deliver sufficient loudness. You can instantly double the current volume level by pressing the "2x" button on the player. This extension installs a gain node to achieve volume boosting, which may slightly affect audio quality. Hence, it is advisable to employ it only when necessary. The extension introduces a gray "2x" button to the player's interface. A single click will turn it white, indicating activation. To revert to the original volume level and disconnect the booster node, click the button again when no longer required.



  1. What is the "Volume Booster" extension and how does it work?

    The "Volume Booster" extension enhances the volume control on supported players such as YouTube by introducing a "2x" button adjacent to the settings button. The button is initially gray and inactive. Once pressed, a gain node with a value of 2 is applied to the audio source, resulting in a doubling of the player's volume level. Users can revert the boosting by simply pressing the button again. It's important to note that the extension does not install the booster automatically without user interaction, ensuring user control over its usage. Please employ the extension judiciously only if the standard 100% volume level falls short of your desired loudness.

  2. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  3. Is it possible to use this extension with an audio equalizer extension to simultaneously equalize and boost the player?

    The compatibility between this extension and an audio equalizer extension depends on the method employed by the equalizer extension. This extension injects a script into the player's page, accessing the audio node to install a gain node for the volume booster. However, all players only support one source node at a time. Therefore, if the equalizer extension also attempts to capture the audio node, it may fail or cause conflicts with this extension's functionality.

    Some equalizer extensions capture the audio of the entire tab rather than installing equalization filters directly on the page. These extensions are typically compatible with this volume booster extension, as they do not alter players. However, it's important to note that a high-quality equalizer extension should include a preamp filter that can function similarly to this volume booster extension. Hence, using both simultaneously may not be necessary; it should be capable of providing the desired audio adjustments without the need for an additional volume booster extension.

  4. Is this extension compatible with all video players?

    As of now, this extension specifically supports the YouTube player. It requires adjustments to the player's interface to install the "2x" button. While the functionality of this extension can theoretically be applied to any media player, support for other players is not currently available. If you wish to see integration with a specific video player, you can submit a request for it on GitHub.

  5. Is it possible to enhance the boosting level beyond the default 2x if it doesn't meet my requirements?

    Starting from version 0.1.2, you can increase the boosting level by Shift + Clicking on the player's boosting button. You can choose a boosting level from 0 to 4. For instance you can boost 1.5x. However, it's recommended to stick with less than a 2x boosting whenever possible, as it has the least impact on audio quality.

  6. Is it possible to modify the boosting level using a keyboard shortcut instead of using the "2x" button?

    Starting from version 0.1.4, the extension enables volume adjustment with custom keyboard shortcuts. For Chrome users, navigate to "chrome://extensions/shortcuts" and assign customized shortcuts. Firefox users can achieve this by opening "about:addons" in a browser tab, clicking the gear icon (top, right side of the page), and selecting the "Manage Extension Shortcuts" option. These shortcuts allow toggling the boosting level on and off while establishing the new level as the default value for subsequent use.

  7. Can I adjust the button placement on the player interface?

    From version 0.1.5 onwards, you can rearrange the button position. On Windows and Linux, you can achieve this by pressing Ctrl + Click, and on macOS, Command + Click. This action allows you to specify a new CSS query that locates the adjacent element. Once the element is identified, the extension relocates the icon before it. For example, to position the boosting button after the volume button and before the time display, use the ".ytp-time-display" CSS query. To find the appropriate class name for the button, utilize your browser's DevTools.

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