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The "SoundCloud MP3" extension adds a "Prepare" button to both individual SoundCloud tracks and playlists within the toolbar section. This button facilitates the creation of an audio link for the tracks. The resulting audio is in the MP3 format with a bitrate of 128 kbps. The extension also extends this functionality to playlists, allowing you to select your preferred track from the playlist and initiate the MP3 conversion process. Furthermore, the extension incorporates the artwork and track details into the downloaded stream, courtesy of its built-in id3-writer module.



  1. What is the "SoundCloud MP3" extension and how does it work?

    This extension offers a user-friendly method for creating and saving SoundCloud audio files on your local device for future use. Essentially, it attaches an audio link to every track, provided an original download button isn't already offered by the track's uploader/owner. By clicking the button once, you can generate a downloadable link specific to that track. You can then either right-click to copy the generated link or click the link again to obtain the file. Please note that the track's title is used as the filename with the MP3 file extension.

  2. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  3. What is the reason for the two-step process of audio downloading?

    The two-step audio downloading process is implemented to maintain a lightweight extension with minimal resource usage. In this approach, only the interface elements, specifically the buttons, are added to tracks. When you wish to save a track locally, the "Prepare" button is pressed to generate the actual audio link, ensuring efficiency and resource conservation.

  4. What do the icons on the extension's button mean?

    The button's icon represents two distinct states: "prepare" and "download." In the "prepare" state, clicking the button generates an audio link that is attached to the button. To download the track, left-click on the right side of the button, which triggers your browser's default download manager. Alternatively, right-clicking in this area allows you to copy the generated link to your clipboard. This link can be employed with an external download manager for a limited period until it expires. In the "download" state, clicking on the left side of the button generates a new audio link. This refresh button comes in handy when a previously generated link has expired.

  5. What is the meaning of the "Prepare" button located within playlists?

    When you click the "Prepare" button in a playlist, it opens a popup displaying all the tracks within that playlist. Within this popup, you'll find more "Prepare" buttons corresponding to individual tracks. These operate just like the regular "Prepare" buttons; you can click them to generate audio links. Once you've obtained the files, click on any empty area to close the popup interface.

  6. Which parts of SoundCloud are compatible with the "SoundCloud MP3" extension?

    The "Prepare" button is added to the following sections: all individual tracks, track lists, and the primary tracks displayed on a SoundCloud page. If there is a specific area where you believe a button should be added, please report it as a bug on the GitHub repository or in the comments section of this page.

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