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The "Easy Screenshot" extension is a user-friendly tool for capturing screens. You can select an option from the popup interface to capture your entire screen, the currently visible area, or a specific part of your screen. You can choose whether the extension saves the screenshot to the disk or clipboard or opens it in an online editor. You can even customize it to perform any combination of these actions. The extension ensures high-quality screenshots by using the PNG format with the maximum available resolution and taking your screen's device pixel ratio into account.



  1. What's new in this version?

    See our version history page at the Firefox add-ons site for details about this update.

  2. What are the steps to take a screenshot using the "Easy Screenshot" extension?

    To capture a screenshot using this extension, follow these instructions:

    • Right-click on the desired page.
    • From the context menu, select one of the available options.
      • Choose "Capture Visual Part" to capture the entire visible screen (viewport).
      • Select "Capture a Portion of Screen" to manually select the dimensions of the screenshot.
    • If you choose the second option, two guidelines will appear on the screen to assist you in selecting the starting position.

  3. Can you tell me where the "Easy Screenshot" extension stores the screenshots that have been captured?

    This extension saves all captured screenshots in the default download directory of your browser. If you want to change the storage location, you will need to modify the default download directory settings in your browser. Another option is to enable the feature that prompts you to select the destination folder for each capture, allowing you to choose a specific directory (this feature is disabled on Manifest v3).

    Starting from version 0.1.9, you can click on the notification bubble to directly access and open the download directory.

    Here are the default download directories for different operating systems:

    • Windows:
      • Windows 10: C:\Users[Username]\Downloads
      • Windows 8: C:\Users[Username]\Downloads
      • Windows 7: C:\Users[Username]\Downloads
    • macOS:
      • macOS Catalina and later: /Users/[Username]/Downloads
      • macOS Mojave and earlier: /Users/[Username]/Downloads
    • Linux:
      • Ubuntu: /home/[Username]/Downloads
      • Fedora: /home/[Username]/Downloads
      • Debian: /home/[Username]/Downloads
      • Linux Mint: /home/[Username]/Downloads

  4. [Deprecated] Although the extension is installed and I can see the context menu items still nothing happens when I click on the items. What is wrong?

    If you have just installed the extension, make sure to refresh the page before using the extension. Easy Screen needs to inject a tiny script to the page for guidelines to appear when you start capturing screen.

  5. What is the reason behind using the PNG format for its screen recordings?

    The "Easy Screenshot" extension utilizes the PNG format for its screen recordings due to several advantages it offers. PNG is a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression, ensuring high-quality screenshots. It is particularly well-suited when capturing a combination of text and images, as it preserves sharpness and clarity. If you prefer a different format for your screenshots, you can achieve that by opening the captured screenshot with an image viewer and saving it into the desired format of your choice.

  6. Is the quality of the captured image affected by the screen resolution?

    Indeed, the quality of the captured image is influenced by the screen resolution. When taking a screenshot, the extension captures the pixels within the designated image area. Therefore, screens with higher resolutions, such as Retina displays, contain more pixels, resulting in more detailed screenshots with enhanced clarity.

  7. How does the "Easy Screenshot" extension handle capturing screenshots of pages larger than the screen size?

    The "Easy Screenshot" extension employs a scrolling technique to device the page into smaller segments that fit into the viewport. It scrolls the page both horizontally and vertically, covering the entire content. These individual pieces of the page are subsequently merged to form a complete screenshot. It is important to note that the extension requires a few seconds to scroll and capture the entire screen. During this process, it is advised not to attempt scrolling the page manually to avoid interfering with the operation.

  8. What are the supported keyword shortcuts for filename formatting:

    Here is the list of keywords that are supported:

    • [date]: Current date. Example: YYYY-MM-DD
    • [time]: Current time. Example HH-MM-SS
    • [title]: Current page title

  9. Is it possible to use keyboard shortcuts for capturing functions with this extension?

    This extension supports the use of keyboard shortcuts for all its functionalities. Assigning keyboard shortcuts streamlines your workflow by allowing you to execute actions without even opening the extension's popup interface.

    To set up custom keyboard shortcuts in Chrome, follow these steps:

    • Open a new tab in your Chrome browser.
    • In the address bar, type "chrome://extensions/shortcuts" and press Enter.
    • This will open the "Keyboard shortcuts" settings page for your Chrome extensions.
    • Scroll down to find the extension you want to assign shortcuts for.
    • Click on the field next to the desired action and press the key combination you want to assign as the shortcut.
    • Once you've set up your custom shortcuts, they will be ready to use immediately.

    For Firefox users, here's how you can set up keyboard shortcuts:

    • Open Firefox and navigate to the menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner.
    • Choose "Add-ons" from the menu.
    • In the Add-ons Manager tab, select "Extensions" from the left-hand side.
    • Find the extension you want to set up shortcuts for and click on the three dots next to it.
    • Choose "Manage Extension" from the drop-down menu.
    • Scroll down until you find the "Keyboard Shortcuts" section.
    • Click on the "Set shortcuts..." button.
    • A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to input your desired keyboard shortcuts.
    • Press the key combination you want to assign as the shortcut for each action.
    • Once you've set up your shortcuts, they will be saved automatically.

  10. What is the difference between the 'Capture Entire Screen (steps)', 'Capture Entire Screen (debugger)', and 'Capture Entire Screen (debugger + steps)' choices for taking a screenshot of the entire page?

    The first option captures the screen by scrolling through the document incrementally, assembling a matrix based on the visible viewport, and combining these segments into a final image. The second option uses the debugger API to capture an image of the entire webpage, regardless of element visibility. The third option uses the debugger but adopts a segmented approach similar to the first option.

    The first option may fail to capture static elements like headers and footers, while the second option may struggle with large documents. The third option aims to address issues encountered with the first two options, making it preferable for large documents with static or fixed elements. It's worth noting that the first and third options are slower due to multiple screenshots, whereas the second option is the fastest.

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    The "Easy Screenshot" extension offers a convenient solution for capturing screenshots within your browser. Unlike the default print screen functions, which require additional steps to save or edit the screenshot, this extension enables you to capture various parts of your screen or the entire screen with just one button press. The captured screenshots are automatically saved to a specific directory outside the extension, allowing easy access to presentations, references, and more. Furthermore, installing the "Easy Screenshot" extension does not require restarting your browser, ensuring a hassle-free experience with minimal impact on browser memory and CPU usage. Key features of the "Easy Screenshot" extension include multiple capture options. You can capture the entire screen, the visible area, or specific portions based on your preferences. By simply right-clicking anywhere on the page, you can also choose to capture visual segments that fall outside of your predefined preferences. This extension is highly compatible with various browsers and saves all screenshots in PNG format, with the titles of the respective web pages for quick reference. The screenshots are conveniently stored in a single directory, allowing easy management and retrieval.

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