New Tab Date & Time Displays time and date over bing's daily wallpaper
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The "New Tab - Date & Time" extension enhances your new tab experience by presenting a clean and minimalistic display of the current time and date. It also features a background wallpaper sourced from Bing's daily collection. Despite the simplified design, you retain access to the bookmarks bar and your apps, similar to the original new tab page. Notably, the extension eliminates the clutter caused by the top and featured sites. In terms of performance, this new tab is remarkably lightweight and consumes no resources when inactive. Additionally, the extension offers some optional features. You can choose to include a weather widget that displays the current weather conditions. Furthermore, customization options allow you to adjust the date and time format according to your preferences. If desired, you can even use your custom image as the background instead of relying on Bing's collection.



  1. Here is the list of available products:

  2. What is the "Start Page - Date and Time" extension and how does it work?

    The extension's objective is to offer a lightweight and uncomplicated replacement for the original new tab. Typically, browsers present a cluttered new tab with a list of frequently visited sites and featured websites. By installing this extension, the cluttered new tab is substituted with a sleek time and date display, complemented by Bing's daily wallpaper as the background.

  3. What is the "Art Project - New Tab" extension and how does it work?

    In your new tab, this extension uses the Google Arts & Culture database to showcase a diverse collection of masterpieces, spanning from renowned artists like Van Gogh and Monet to contemporary works by street artists. The displayed artworks automatically change every 24 hours. If you happen to find the current artwork unsatisfactory, click the refresh button to replace it with a new random artwork.

  4. What is the "Google Calendar on new Tab" extension and how does it work?

    With this extension, you can access Google Calendar's day, week, month, year, and agenda views directly on every new tab page. Moreover, the extension accepts a custom URL as the redirecting destination through its options page. Essentially, your new tab page will automatically redirect to the user-defined address. It's important to note that if the destination URL is a remote page, it may require some time to get loaded.

  5. How can I add a new link to the bookmarks bar in the "Start Page - Date and Time" extension?

    To add a new link to the bookmarks bar in the "Start Page - Date and Time" extension, follow these steps:

    • Similar to the original new tab, you can drag and drop a link to the area of the bookmarks bar.
    • The link will be placed in the bookmarks bar area. After insertion, the extension will attempt to find a suitable title for the newly added link.
    • If the title can be resolved, it will replace the URL after a few seconds.

    It's important to note that currently, the extension does not support arranging the position of items in the bookmarks bar. However, you can arrange them by accessing the Chrome Bookmarks Manager through the "chrome://bookmarks/" URL. Open this link in a browser tab, re-arrange the items, and refresh your new tab to see the changes. To remove an item from the bookmarks bar, right-click on the link and select "Remove this link".

  6. [deprecated] Why the "Start Page - Date and Time" extension needs permission to access all URLs?

    The extension requires this permission to resolve the title from a URL when adding a new link to the bookmarks bar. When a new link is inserted, the extension fetches the document of the URL, simulating the process of opening it in a new tab, and extracts the title from this document. Accessing the fetch API to perform this operation needs URL permission. The extension solely uses this permission to offer the intended functionality and nothing more.

  7. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  8. When I install the "Start Page - Date and Time" extension, the search box is missing. How can I perform searches as usual?

    The search box is intentionally removed from the new tab to maintain a clean and clutter-free interface. However, you can still perform searches just like before. Type your search phrase directly into the address bar and press Enter key. This functionality is identical to the original new tab behavior, where the focus automatically shifts to the address bar when the built-in search box is selected. The extension ensures a seamless search experience while keeping the new tab interface streamlined.

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