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The "Temporary Mobile View" extension reloads the current tab as if it were on an iOS or Android device. This user-agent change prompts the server that supports the mobile view version to provide a compatible webpage. This feature is valuable for simplifying web pages and improving loading speed. To activate the mobile view, click the action button once. By default, the extension bypasses the browser's cache, ensuring resources are freshly fetched from the server. You have the option to disable this feature on the options page. Additionally, you can change the mobile view mode from the right-click context menu over the action button. Currently, the extension supports mobile view modes for iOS, Android, and Kindle devices. You can configure the user agent for these modes on the add-on's options page.



  1. What is the "Temporary Mobile View" add-on and how can I use it?

    This browser extension adds a button to your toolbar. The button might be hidden in the extensions popup window. If so, you can pin it into the toolbar area. The extension transforms the website into a mobile-view version (if supported by the server) when you click this button. Essentially, when you click the button, the extension monitors the network activity of the current tab and substitutes the user-agent string for all requests originating from that tab with a user-defined mobile version. This user agent change enables the fetching and rendering of resources compatible with mobile devices if the web server supports it. It’s worth noting that once the page’s top frame has finished loading, the network observer is disconnected to avoid unnecessary monitoring when it’s not needed. To return to the original view, click the action button once again. To change the device type, use the right-click context menu items. When you select a new item, the extension automatically refreshes the current page to display the chosen view.

    Please note that when the mobile view is activated, the button appears in color, and when it’s deactivated, the button turns gray. It’s important to understand that this extension exclusively modifies the network’s user-agent header and does not overwrite the “navigator.userAgent” string. While most servers rely on this header to detect your device type, some may also examine the navigator object. For a more comprehensive user-agent spoofing experience, consider using the “User-Agent Switcher and Manager“ extension.

  2. recommended "Allow Right Click" extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers

    This extension unblocks the browser's default right-click context menu for image, video, and audio when the page deliberately blocks right-clicking on its content. Read more here.

  3. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  4. How can I configure user-agent strings that are used for Android, iOS, and Kindle devices in this extension?

    You can customize all the user-agent strings as per your requirements. Visit the extension's options page and make the necessary adjustments. It's important to remember that this extension does not validate your custom user-agent strings, so make changes carefully. If you ever encounter issues with the modifications, you can use the reset button to revert all settings to their default values. Keep in mind that each device has its unique user-agent string, which web servers often use to determine the appropriate window size and font size for a webpage. You may need to experiment with different user agents to achieve the best results. Don't forget to share your favorite ones in the review section of this page.

  5. What is the purpose of the "cache bypassing" setting on the options page?

    Enabling this setting forces the browser to retrieve all resources directly from the server during the refresh. In essence, it ensures that the browser does not use locally cached versions of resources while refreshing in mobile view mode. It's important to be aware that because all resources are fetched from the server, this may result in a decrease in loading speed. Therefore, if your intention in using this extension is to enhance page speed, it's advisable not to activate this option.

  6. What is the meaning of the badge number that appears when the mobile view is on?

    The badge number represents the count of network resources the extension has altered for the current page. The user agent string of these network requests is spoofed to the desired device type.

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