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The "HTML Format Cleaner" extension enhances your right-click menu for text selection. It provides two options: One to remove text formatting and the other to copy a plain text version of the selected content to your clipboard. The first option is handy for editing formatted text in a WYSIWYG HTML Editor while the second option lets you easily copy a clean text format into a WYSIWYG HTML Editor.



  1. What is the "HTML Format Cleaner" extension?

    This extension enhances the right-click context menu for selected text by offering two functions. One function removes HTML formatting, including attributes such as bold, italic, font size, background, and foreground colors. The second function allows you to copy plain text to your clipboard. You can use the formatting option when working with a WYSIWYG HTML Editor or a word processor such as Microsoft Word to clean up formatting issues. You can employ the other option to paste unformatted text into these Editors.

    This extension employs a non-persistent background script that operates exclusively when you choose one of its options. Therefore, having this extension installed won’t negatively impact your browser’s performance.

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  3. How does the "HTML Format Cleaner" extension eliminate HTML formatting?

    The "HTML Format Cleaner" extension employs the browser's built-in toString method to eliminate any selected HTML tags within the chosen text range. It subsequently generates a new range element to insert text-only content at the designated selection position. This process takes place after collapsing the current range, ensuring that the previous HTML data is effectively removed.

  4. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  5. Sometimes after using the format cleaning feature, some text may retain formatting. How can I eliminate all formatting styles?

    While the "HTML Format Cleaner" extension effectively removes formatting from the selected area, it's essential to note that when you paste unformatted text into a specific range, it can inherit the styling of its parent node. For instance, if a parent element has a CSS style that applies a green color to all its child nodes, removing formatting from just one child node won't change its color, as it's dictated by the parent element's styling. To remove all formatting, select all child nodes within the desired range and then use the format cleaning feature.

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