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The "HexDump - Hex Viewer" extension serves as a versatile tool for examining files in both hexadecimal and binary formats, providing a detailed byte-by-byte display. Users can adjust the number of columns and rows displayed to suit their preferences. The extension comprises three distinct segments: the first segment indicates the byte offset, the second presents the bytes in hexadecimal format, and the third segment showcases the ASCII representation. Selecting a cell within any segment automatically highlights the corresponding cells in the other views. For larger files, the extension displays a scrollbar to facilitate navigation through different chunks of the file. Additionally, users can use the hexadecimal box located at the top of the view to swiftly navigate to specific offsets. This extension proves particularly valuable for tasks such as identifying file types based on magic bytes in the file header or comparing files to pinpoint binary discrepancies. Users can easily open multiple views by pressing the action button.



  1. What is the "HexDump - Hex Viewer" extension and how does it work?

    After installation, access the interface by clicking on the action button. Subsequently, either double-click on the interface or drag and drop any file onto the interface to show its hexadecimal and ASCII representations. A scrollbar will automatically appear on the right-hand side of the view if the file is larger than the view. Additionally, use the jump tool located on top of the view to swiftly navigate to a specific offset within the file. The extension supports customization of the displayed number of columns and rows, with these adjustments persisting across sessions. To open a new file, drop it onto the existing view. The extension seamlessly transitions from the previous file to the newly opened one within the current view.

  2. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  3. After installing the extension, why I cannot locate the action button in my toolbar area?

    It's possible that the extension hasn't been pinned to the toolbar yet. Here's how you can pin it:

    • Click on the puzzle piece icon located at the end of the toolbar area. This represents the Extensions menu.
    • In the Extensions menu, locate the extension you've installed.
    • Click on the pin icon next to the extension name. This will pin the extension to the toolbar, making its action button visible.

  4. How does the hex viewer can be used to determine a file's type?

    When using a hex viewer, the user can pinpoint magic bytes, also known as magic numbers or file signatures, to identify the type of a file based on its binary contents. These magic bytes are specific sequences of bytes located at the beginning of a file that uniquely identifies its file format. When you open a file in a hex viewer, you can read the initial bytes and compare them against known magic byte patterns associated with various file formats to guess the file format.

    For instance, let's consider the PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file format. A PNG file always starts with the following 8-byte sequence in hexadecimal representation: 89 50 4E 47 0D 0A 1A 0A. These bytes serve as the PNG file signature. In a hex viewer, if you observe these bytes at the beginning of a file, it indicates that the file is likely a PNG image.

    Here's a table with known file extensions along with their corresponding magic numbers and their location in a file:

    File TypeExtensionMagic Bytes (Hexadecimal)Location in File
    PNG (image).png89 50 4E 47 0D 0A 1A 0ABeginning of the file
    JPEG (image).jpg, .jpegFF D8 FFBeginning of the file
    GIF (image).gif47 49 46 38 37 61Beginning of the file
    PDF (document).pdf25 50 44 46Beginning of the file
    ZIP (archive).zip50 4B 03 04Beginning of the file
    RAR (archive).rar52 61 72 21 1A 07 00Beginning of the file
    MP3 (audio).mp349 44 33 03Beginning of the file
    WAV (audio).wav52 49 46 46 xx xx xx xx 57 41 56 45Beginning of the file
    MPEG (video).mpeg00 00 01 BxBeginning of the file
    MP4 (video).mp400 00 00 18 66 74 79 70 33 67 70 35Beginning of the file
    AVI (video).avi52 49 46 46 xx xx xx xx 41 56 49 20Beginning of the file
    DOCX (document).docx50 4B 03 04Beginning of the file
    XLSX (spreadsheet).xlsx50 4B 03 04Beginning of the file
    PPTX (presentation).pptx50 4B 03 04Beginning of the file
    TAR (archive).tar75 73 74 61 72Beginning of the file
    APK (Android application).apk50 4B 03 04Beginning of the file
    EXE (executable).exe4D 5ABeginning of the file
    DLL (library).dll4D 5ABeginning of the file
    HTML (web page).html3C 68 74 6D 6C 3EBeginning of the file
    CSS (style sheet).css2E 63 73 73Beginning of the file
    JS (JavaScript).js2F 2ABeginning of the file
    PHP (script).php3C 3F 70 68 70Beginning of the file
    TIFF (image).tiff49 49 2A 00Beginning of the file
    BMP (image).bmp42 4DBeginning of the file
    PSD (image).psd38 42 50 53Beginning of the file
    AI (image).ai25 21 50 53 2D 41 64 6F 62 65 0ABeginning of the file
    FLAC (audio).flac66 4C 61 43 00 00 00 22Beginning of the file
    MOV (video).mov6D 6F 6F 76Beginning of the file
    OGG (audio/video).ogg4F 67 67 53Beginning of the file

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