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The "Google Shortcuts" extension can be added to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge browsers, enabling users to conveniently access all Google products in a single personalized popup. Once installed, the popup can be opened and customized to display the desired products in the view section (from the hidden section). To launch a product, left-click on it to open it in the current tab, or use a middle-click or Ctrl + left-click to open it in a new background tab.



  1. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  2. recommended "Dino - The Dinosaur Game" extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers

    Time to have a break? Avoid obstacles, including cacti and pterodactyls by pressing the up and down keys. That's it! This The original game was created by Sebastien Gabriel in 2014. Read more here.

  3. [deprecated] Why the latest version of the Firefox browser has removed individual toolbar icons?

    The Google Shortcuts extension is now available on the latest version of JPM. However, due to recent SDK changes, it is no longer advisable, in terms of performance, to maintain individual toolbar buttons. If you truly prefer to restore them, you can install the older version from the Mozilla add-ons website, although this is not recommended.

  4. Can the panel automatically close itself upon clicking a Google product?

    In the most recent version, you can access the gear icon and find a new setting to manage the panel's behavior following a link click.

  5. Some icons mentioned in the extension's description are missing from my popup. What can I do to resolve this?

    You can reset the buttons to the default set by clicking on the gear icon. Once done, the newly added icons should be visible in the hidden section of the popup.

  6. How can I add or remove the toolbar button in Firefox?

    To add or remove a toolbar button, right-click on a space within the Firefox toolbar and select the "Customize..." item. From there, you can move the button by dragging and dropping it to a new location.

  7. Where can I access the settings of this extension?

    To adjust the settings, click on the settings icon placed at the bottom left corner of the popup interface.

  8. How can I install Google Shortcuts in my Firefox browser?

    To install Google Shortcuts, head to Mozilla Store and click on "Add to Firefox" button.

  9. How to uninstall Google Shortcuts from your Firefox?

    To uninstall Google Shortcuts go to Firefox -> Add-ons -> Extension Name, then press Uninstall button.

  10. [deprecated] What can I do if I got "This developer's server appears to be busy. Please try again later." message while trying to download Google Shortcuts extension in Safari?

    You can download the safariextz file directly from the GitHub repository,

  11. List of supported keyboard shortcuts

    Ctrl + E or Command + E Expand or Collapse Extra List (Extended Products) Ctrl + F or Command + F Fuzzy-search a Google Product Ctrl + O or Command + O Open Options Toolbar Click a Product Open in the current tab Ctrl + Click a Product Open in a background tab Shift + Click a Product Open in a new window

  12. List of supported Google products:

    "Google Alerts", "Google Analytics", "Bard - AI Collaborator", "Google Blog Search", "Google Blogger", "Google Book Search", "Google Calendar", "Google Code", "Google Dashboard", "Google Drive", "Google Earth", "Google Finance", "Google Mail", "Google Groups", "Google Image", "Google Maps", "Google Mobile", "Google Music", "Google News", "Panoramio", "Picasa (Google Photos)", "Google Play", "Google+", "Google Cloud Print", "Google Scholar", "Google Web Search", "Google Sites", "SketchUp - 3D for Everyone", "Google Hangouts", "Google Translate", "Google Trends", "Google Wallet", "YouTube", "Google Shopping", "Google Patent Search", "Google Hotel Finder", "Android", "Google Home", "Google Bookmarks", "Google Webpage Test", "Google Cloud Platform", "Google Transit", "Google Feedburner", "Google Sky", "Google Fusion Tables", "Google Mars", "Google Offers", "Google Ideas", "Google URL Shortner", "Google Input Tool", "Google Web History", "Google Developer Dashboard", "Google Webmaster", "Google Currents", "Google Chromebook", "Google Correlate", "Chromium", "Google Contacts", "Google Adsense", "Google Videos", "Google Voice", "Google Catalogs", "Google Authenticator", "Google Business", "Google Compute Engine", "Google Maps Coordinate", "Google Earth Engine", "Google Fonts", "Google Forms", "Google Glass", "Google Goggles", "Google Help", "Google Partner Dashboard", "Google Photos", "Google Local", "Google Presentation", "Google App Script", "Google Street View", "Google Sync", "Google Tag Manager", "Google Tasks", "Chrome Web Store", "Google Maps Engine", "Google Chrome", "Encrypted Google Search", "Google Sheets", "Google Privacy Checkup", "Google Admin", "Google Apps for Work", "Google Flights", "Google Domains", "Google Security Checkup", "Google Docs", "Google Drawings", "Inbox by Gmail", "Google Support", "My Account", "Google AdMob", "Google Store", "Google Allo", "Google Duo", "Google Express", "Google Classroom", "Google Fi", "Tilt Brush", "Google Tango", "YouTube Music", "Google Play Movies", "Chromecast", "Google Cast", "Messages", "Google Chat", "Google Keep", "Google Calendar", "Google Ads", "Android Auto", "Cardboard", "Gboard", "Google Assistant", "Google Fit", "Google Meet", "Google One", "Google Play Games", "Google Transcript", "Google Wifi", "Google Podcasts", "Stages", "Waze", "YouTube Kids", "YouTube TV", "Google Expeditions"

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    Specially designed for Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox browsers, Google Shortcuts gives you access to all of your favorite Google products in an instant. With everyone being strapped for time, and having to stay on top of things for work or your personal life, a few smart apps can go a long way in getting you more organized. Most popular browsers have already made it easy to integrate apps like reminders and notes to make sure you don't forget an important event or loose vital information. Firefox, as always, is taking it one step further by allowing the integration of a number of add-ons including extensions to transform the mundane web browsing experience. Starting off with themes to change the look of your browsers, Mozilla add-ons now include a number of useful extensions that allow you to combine different download management, news, entertainment, shopping, and social tools in a single place without having to open up each service individually.

    Google Shortcuts has been developed for a quick and easy install process. The best part is that it is instantly integrated with your browser and does not require you to restart. Once downloaded, simply follow the steps below: Start off by selecting your favorite Google services that you wish to access. A customization panel will allow you to change icons, size, and color according to your taste. Individual icons can be added or removed from the “Customize” panel. Icons can easily be moved by dragging and dropping to a preferred area.

    Google Shortcuts comes with several features, including: Customizable panel width which allows you to change the number of columns visible. Adjustable icon size in pixels, with custom individual icons. Reset the panel after any changes in the same session by opening the toolbar panel, clicking on settings, and selecting reset. Once reloaded, any changes you made to the arrangement or lineup of services is immediately visible.

    The list of selected Google products available from a total of 101 products is:

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