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The "FlashPlayer - SWF to HTML" extension allows users to play SWF objects within webpages, even though Flash usage is becoming less common. With this extension, there is no need to install any native plug-ins to play Flash content on websites. The extension adds a button to the browser action area, which, upon clicking, searches for SWF objects or links on the current page. Once a link is detected, the extension parses the content of the Flash and plays it in a new window that is sandboxed for secure parsing. Additionally, the extension adds two context menu options for SWF links and the page context, with the page context menu functioning similarly to the browser action button. This extension employs two JavaScript libraries as the Flash emulator engine for rendering Flash content ("ruffle" and "swf2js"). Users can switch between these two engines to compare parsing efficiency. The default engine is the "ruffle" emulator, which supports AVM 1 (ActionScript 1 & 2) language and most of the AVM 2 (ActionScript 3) language.



  1. What is the "FlashPlayer - SWF to HTML" extension and how does it work?

    This extension utilizes a JavaScript emulator to play SWF (Flash) objects in HTML pages. It employs either "ruffle" or "swf2js" libraries as its rendering engine. The extension does not autoplay Flash content or inject scripts into web pages. Instead, when rendering is required, the user clicks on the browser's action button, asking the extension to search for embedded Flash objects on the current page. If multiple objects are detected, it presents the user with a list to choose from. It then opens a sandboxed interface and attempts to render the Flash content. The progress of content retrieval from the server is displayed on the top progress bar inside the rendering page. Once the content is fully loaded, the emulator parses the binary with its WASM engine without requiring external or native plug-ins.

  2. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  3. Is it possible to play SWF links using this extension instead of SWF-embedded objects?

    Yes, this extension includes two context menu items for the browser: one for the page context and one for SWF links. To open the emulation interface, right-click on the link and select the "Open SWF in Emulator" option.

  4. I'm having trouble playing my SWF link with this extension. Can you help me understand why?

    This extension employs two open-source Flash emulators, but there are still certain methods that are not yet fully supported. For further information regarding the roadmap and milestones, please refer to the "Milestones" section of https://swf2js.com/ or https://ruffle.rs/ web pages.

  5. Can this extension automatically replace all Flash objects on a page with emulated ones so the page starts playing them?

    By default, the extension only searches for Flash objects when the user initiates the process to avoid unnecessary and excessive emulations. If you want all the objects to load inside the page, use the right-click "Load all the embedded SWF objects" item.

  6. What can I do if the emulator fails to render SWF correctly?

    Version 0.1.1 of this extension supports two open-source emulation engines: SWF2JS and Ruffle. The action button includes two context menu items for selecting the default engine for the next run. If the emulation fails or produces unsatisfactory results, users can utilize these context menu items to try the alternative engine. To switch to the new engine, close the currently open emulation window.

  7. Can you please explain the steps to follow to try out this extension?

    To test this extension, right-click on the Motion Tweening with the start and stop buttons SWF example provided by condor.depaul.edu. This should prompt the emulator window to initiate loading the simple example. To experiment with the alternative engine, close the emulator window, then right-click on the browser action and change the default engine. Finally, try to reopen the link using the emulator.

  8. Is there a way to load SWF objects directly inside the page instead of loading them in an isolated window?

    This extension allows you to load all embedded SWF objects directly inside the page by right-clicking the action button and selecting "Load all embedded SWF objects" (starting from version 0.1.5). This will inject the Ruffle engine directly into the page, but remember that it may have performance drawbacks. Only use the embed loading method if the Flash content fails to load in the isolated window.

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