Bulk Media Downloader Detect and download media (image, video and audio) resources in bulk
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The "Bulk Media Downloader" extension is designed to identify various media sources, including videos, audio files, and images, by monitoring network activities. Unlike similar extensions, the "Bulk Media Downloader" extension does not affect the performance of your browser when the media detection window is closed. To download a media file, open the media detection window and refresh the browser tab containing the desired resource. Wait for the browser to fetch the resources, then download them from the list. Additionally, you can use built-in filters to organize the resources and conveniently download multiple items simultaneously, either with the default download manager of your browser or an external download manager of your choice.



  1. What is "Bulk Media Downloader" extension and how does it work?

    The "Bulk Media Downloader" is a browser extension designed to identify media resources on web pages. It actively monitors network requests and displays all media resources loaded in tabs. When a resource is added to the detection window, it provides details such as file name, size, and request origin. To keep the window organized, you can apply filters to display specific types of resources and avoid clutter. Additionally, the extension supports batch downloading by allowing you to select multiple requests at once.

    It's important to note that the extension does not monitor the network when the detection window is closed, ensuring it has no impact on your browser's performance. To grab a media resource, open the detection window by clicking the action button. A badge appears on the action button when network monitoring is enabled. Once your desired resource appears in the window, you can press the "Pause" button to stop network monitoring. From there, you can select one or more items and use the "Download" button in the tools section of the window to initiate the downloading process.

  2. Can I filter out other resource types to reduce the number of items displayed in the detection window when I want to grab a video file, for instance?

    Yes, locate the "Type (all)" button in the header section of the window and click on it. Then, select "Type (video)" from the options provided. This selection will hide all other resource types, ensuring only video files are shown in the detection window.

  3. When browsing a picture gallery, I notice that the detection window displays too many detected pictures. Is there a way to select all of them simultaneously?

    To select all the pictures at once, locate the selection box in the header area of the window. Then, choose the "Select all images" option. This button will enable you to conveniently select and manage all the pictures displayed in the detection window.

  4. What does the "R" badge notification on the action button indicate?

    The "R" badge notification on the action button signifies the extension is recording network activities. It only appears when the detection window is open. However, to ensure minimal impact on your browser's performance, it is recommended to press the "Pause" button or close the detection window once the desired resource has appeared. By doing so, you can prevent any unnecessary network monitoring and maintain smooth browser performance.

  5. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  6. What type of information is displayed in the detection window?

    The detection window presents various details, including the resource type, URL, activity timestamp, resource size, and the title of the parent tab.

  7. Can the "Bulk Media Downloader" extension send download requests to an external download manager?

    There are two options for managing your downloads with this tool. The first option is to use the default download manager provided by your browser. The second option is to utilize the "Turbo Download Manager" extension. It is worth noting that the "Turbo Download Manager" offers advanced features such as filename detection and handling referrers. Thus, you can send downloading jobs to this particular download manager for an enhanced experience.

    Please be aware that the option to send download jobs to the "Turbo Download Manager" extension will soon be available for the Firefox browser.

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