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The "Bookmarks Manager and Viewer" extension allows you to access and edit bookmarks conveniently through a toolbar panel. It offers a user-friendly panel view for all your bookmarks, along with a fuzzy search feature (similar to Google search) that helps you quickly locate matching items in your bookmarks. Additionally, this extension fully supports bookmark editing, including drag-and-drop functionality.



  1. What is the "Bookmarks Manager and Viewer" extension and how can I use it?

    The goal of this extension is to offer an efficient solution for organizing and modifying bookmarks. With this extension, you can easily view, search, and edit your bookmarks seamlessly.

    After installation, an action button is added to the toolbar area of your browser. The icon might be hidden in the extensions popup. You can pin it to the toolbar for better accessibility. Clicking this button opens a panel view showcasing all your saved bookmarks. Notably, the extension incorporates a session manager, ensuring that the panel retains information about the last viewed item and its location.

  2. What is the use of the "properties" section of the popup panel?

    The "properties" section functions as a real-time editor for your bookmarks. Clicking on an item reveals its details in this section. You can edit the title and URL. To apply the changes, modify the values and press the Enter key.

  3. What does the "toolbar" section of the popup panel offer?

    The "toolbar" section serves various purposes in managing bookmarks. It allows you to create a new bookmark from the current tab or as a new entry. Additionally, you can establish a new directory and subsequently organize bookmarks by dragging and dropping them into the created directory. The section also facilitates the deletion of bookmarks or empty directories through dedicated buttons. It's essential to note that deleting a directory with child nodes is not allowed for safety reasons, as this action is irreversible.

    There is a "Collapse" button available in this section for closing all opened nodes, particularly beneficial when dealing with many bookmarks and opened directories that might make the panel appear cluttered.

    Moreover, there is a validation button that verifies the bookmark URL, ensuring the associated website is still accessible. This feature is valuable when managing a large number of bookmarks, helping identify and address potential issues with bookmarks linked to broken URLs.

  4. What is the purpose of the search section in the panel, and how can it be used?

    The "search" section incorporates a fuzzy search engine within the input box. When entering a query, the extension employs this engine to assess and rank each bookmark based on its relevance to the entered phrase. The search results present the most matched items, organized by their weights, and clicking on each item highlights its position in the tree view. To browse the search, double-click on a result. By clearing the search box, the result section disappears.

    The search engine primarily uses the title and URL of each bookmark to identify the most relevant entries, streamlining the process of locating specific bookmarks within the panel.

  5. Why does the action button exhibit different colors on certain websites?

    The action button adopts a blue coloring when the current tab has already been bookmarked; otherwise, it appears in a dark gray shade. To locate the bookmarked page, use the search field by entering the URL in this designated area.

  6. How do I launch a bookmark in the current tab? How about in a background tab?

    By default, this extension triggers bookmark opening with a double-click action. If the current tab is a blank page, the bookmark opens in the current tab; otherwise, it opens in a new blank tab. Holding down the Shift key while double-clicking a bookmark uses the current tab for opening. To open a bookmark in a background tab, use middle-click.

  7. Is it possible to validate individual or multiple bookmarks using this extension?

    Starting from version 0.2.0, you can validate a single bookmark or a group of bookmarks. To validate, first, select the desired bookmarks (use the Ctrl key for multiple selections; employ the Shift key to choose all bookmarks from the selection start point). Right-click and select the "Validate bookmarks" option. This action opens the search panel, featuring a validate button at the top-right corner. Click this button and wait for the validation process to complete for all selected bookmarks. The extension simultaneously conducts three validations, each with a 10-second timeout. Successfully validated bookmarks are marked in green, while those that fail to pass validation are marked in red.

    It's important to note that when validating a folder, all its children are validated. Therefore, when validating a folder, ensure that only a single folder is selected, not multiple folders. Validation can also be performed on search results, allowing for the validation of all bookmarks displayed in the search panel.

  8. Is it possible to remove (delete) multiple bookmarks simultaneously?

    Starting from version 0.2.0, you can delete all the items that are currently selected in one go.

  9. Is it possible to duplicate one or more bookmarks using this extension?

    While performing a drag operation, employ the Ctrl key (or Command key on Mac) to duplicate all the selected items. If duplicating a folder, the extension ensures that all its bookmark trees are also being copied.

  10. Is it possible to use this extension for accessing the content of RSS feeds, also known as live bookmarks?

    If a URL includes the keywords "rss" or "feed," this extension recognizes it as a dynamic folder. Clicking on this folder triggers the extension to fetch the remote XML content and present each entry as a non-draggable bookmark item. This functionality allows you to monitor RSS feeds without requiring any additional extensions. Keep in mind that when a new bookmark with the "rss" or "feed" keyword in the URL is added, reopening the extension popup is necessary for it to parse the remote content.

  11. Here is the list of supported keyboard shortcuts:

    Ctrl + F(F)ind / Fuzzy findSet focus to the search box
    Ctrl + Shift + L(L)ist viewSet focus to the bookmark tree
    Ctrl + Shift + C(C)ollapse list viewCollapse the entire bookmark tree
    Ctrl + Shift + U(U)pdate bookmark titleUpdate the title of the selected bookmark by fetching the title from its server
    Ctrl + Shift + O(O)ptions pageOpen the options page
    Ctrl + Shift + R(R)eset rootUse this shortcut to reset the bookmark root to the default value
    Ctrl + Shift + BCreate a new (B)ookmarkCreate a new bookmark next to the selected node
    Ctrl + Shift + TBookmark this (T)abCreate a new bookmark from the current browser tab
    Ctrl + Shift + DCreate a new (D)irectoryCreate a new directory next to the selected node
    Ctrl + Shift + E(E)dit bookmark titleEdit the title of the selected node


    If you frequently use the search feature, consider configuring the extension to focus on the search box when the popup opens from the options page. While in the search box, press the "Enter" key once to transition to the search results. Navigate through the results using the up and down arrow keys or mouse pointer. To conceal the search results and return focus to the bookmark tree, press the "Enter" key again. Anytime you wish to revert to the search box, press Ctrl + F.

    To direct the focus to the edit section, activate the edit title box with Ctrl + Shift + E. Use the "Tab" key to switch between available options. To return focus to the bookmark tree, use the Ctrl + Shift + L combination.

  12. Is it possible to validate or search that is limited to a specific folder?

    Choose the node you want to narrow your search to, and right-click to access the context menu. From there, select the "Validate Bookmarks" item. This will automatically insert the "root:id" query into the search box. You can further refine your search by adding your specific query. If validation is needed, press the "Validate" button afterward.

  13. I'm struggling to locate a specific bookmark among my extensive collection. Any tips on making this process easier?

    This extension offers two search methods. The default method uses internal bookmark APIs for a precise search and matching process. Alternatively, there's a fuzzy search option, beneficial when you're uncertain about the exact spelling. Keep in mind that the fuzzy search might be slower as it takes some time to build the indexer. If you have a substantial number of bookmarks, you might want to explore the "Advanced Bookmark Search" extension by Lunu. This extension is specifically designed for rapid searching in large databases and can complement your existing bookmark extensions.

  14. Can I customize the style of the bookmarks manager's interface?

    Yes, visit the options page and add your custom styling rules in the box. For instance, to change the font size of the elements on the view use body {font-size: 15px !important}

  15. Is it possible to display bookmarks in alphabetical order?

    Navigate to the options page and check the corresponding box. Please note that when this option is enabled, you won't be able to rearrange the sorting of items inside a directory using drag and drop functionality.

  16. Is it possible to directly assign my new bookmarks to a specific bookmark folder?

    Navigate to the options and insert the ID of the desired bookmark folder into the designated box. You can obtain the ID by right-clicking on a bookmark folder in the extension's popup interface (note that a restart of the extension is required).

  17. What is the meaning of "Set focus to the search box on open" option?

    Check this box to automatically set the focus to the search box when the manager window gets opened. The default focus is on the bookmark tree, and you can focus the search box using Ctrl + F shortcut.

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    Managing bookmarks can be very hectic and a difficult task to handle. At times, you have so many important links in your bookmarks list and finding them in time of need, can be annoying. But there is a solution for this problem. Bookmarks Manager and Viewer is a fantastic add-on for Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers that lets you manage and view your bookmarks efficiently and easily.

    Bookmarks Manager and Viewer is a power provides a panel view to view and modify your bookmarks in the easiest way possible. The panel is geared with uncertain search (like Google search) to help you find the matched bookmarks easily. Bookmarks Manager and Viewer provides you with a full set of tools to edit your bookmarks. It is even possible to drag a bookmark to a new position in the panel or create a new directory or list and place the bookmark inside it. The uncertain search can be used to find matching items even if you are not certain about what the exact title of the bookmarked link was. It is even possible to remove or delete the unused bookmarks or a complete list right in the panel.

    There is a validation button to find broken links. This add-on also gives the option of the delete button you can clean your bookmarks list. The properties section can be utilized to change the title or address of the stored bookmark at any time.

    The color of the toolbar button indicates that whether the bookmark tree has your current bookmark or not. Using the panel view you can add the current tab to the definite location in the tree and modify the title once the bookmark is placed inside a directory.

    Permissions are explained

    storageto store user preferences and internal custom settings
    tabsto open a new tab, read the URL of a tab (to generate a new bookmark), or to refresh the current tab
    bookmarksto have access to the browser's bookmark entries
    chrome://favicon/*to display icons
    <all_urls>to validate bookmarks (the extension sends one HTTP request per validation request to the bookmarked URL and looks at the returning code). Also this is used when there is a live bookmark (feed)
    clipboardWriteto write the title or URL to the clipboard
    notificationsto show desktop notifications
    contextMenusto add context menu items

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