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The "Audio Joiner" extension serves as a tool for consolidating segmented tracks into a unified media file that can be played on any standard media player. In recent streaming practices, media providers often divide a single file into segmented tracks. This segmentation allows them to deliver the initial small segment promptly, initiating playback without waiting for others to load. While the user enjoys the current segment, subsequent ones are retrieved and added to the player's buffer. Although this method is highly efficient for online media playback, there is a challenge in seamlessly joining these tracks. The "Audio Joiner" extension addresses this issue by offering an intuitive user interface for merging audio files with an optional user-defined delay.



  1. What is the "Audio Joiner" add-on and how can I use it?

    This extension seamlessly combines multiple media files into a singular, playable track compatible with any media player. Users must provide the files they wish to merge to use the extension. The extension then converts each media file into a PCM buffer before consolidating these buffers into a unified audio track. If a delay is requested, the extension offsets these PCM buffers during the merging process. The resulting audio buffer is converted into the widely recognized lossless WAV format. Users can play the audio directly in the "Downloads" section or download it for playback with an external player.

    The extension supports a "Keep Playing" option, ensuring that added tracks play consecutively in the correct order. The user can use the three-dot button to drag and drop media tracks into the desired sequence. Once the order is set and the appropriate delay applied, pressing the "Join" button initiates the conversion and merging process. Additionally, users can add new tracks to the interface using the "Add File(s)" button or by dragging and dropping multiple files directly. If a file is added mistakenly, the "close" button next to each entry allows easy removal.

  2. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  3. Why is the output format of this extension set to WAV?

    It is based on its characteristics as the simplest lossless format. In WAV, the actual amplitude of the audio wave is preserved in a binary array, making it a fundamental and easily manipulable format. The extension consolidates multiple audio buffers into a single array and then converts it into WAV format by adding the necessary headers. Unlike many other audio formats that are lossy and may result in a slightly lower quality output than the original track, WAV maintains the same quality as the input. However, if the output file size is a concern or you prefer the MP3 format for any reason, you can use the MP3 Converter extension.

  4. What does the "Delay" option in the Settings section do?

    The "Delay" option in the Settings section instructs the extension to introduce either a positive or negative millisecond delay between tracks during the merging process. A positive delay creates a pause between tracks, while a negative delay facilitates the overlapping of two adjacent segments. Occasionally, audio segments in the input may not be perfectly split, resulting in overlaps. The negative delay is a useful tool for eliminating these overlaps. It's worth noting that users can apply the delay, initiate the extension to merge, and then listen to the result in the "Downloads" section. By adjusting the delay and merging again, users can fine-tune the output until it achieves the desired quality without any interruptions.

  5. Can I rearrange the order of segmented tracks when adding them in bulk?

    You can modify the order using the three-dot button on each entry. Just click your mouse button, hold, and adjust the sequence as needed.

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